Enjoy A Private Paradise. Charter Boat to Three Rooker Island, FL Now.

Do you want to get away from it all and spend time with your family or friends on a deserted island?

The unspoiled Three Rooker Island is the place to go!

Though this small, semicircular island has only emerged within the last decade, it has already become a favorite destination in Florida. Many people take a charter boat to Three Rooker Island, FL, to see its unique size and shape that changes from time to time. The sand that accumulated at this location was brought about by erosion at other sites. Also, ocean currents that push additional water were a factor in shaping this juvenile Island. Its shoreline is constantly on the move! The island’s lightweight sands are easy for water and wind to pick up. When you visit Three Rooker, take a good look as it may only appear that way for a short while. What you see on your next visit might be a surprise! You can now imagine how complex the coastal processes are on the West-Central Florida coast.

Bay Excursion Three Rooker Island
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Three Rooker is not your typical island.

It’s really a small island or sand bar just off the coast of northern Pinellas County. This paradise is accessible only by personal watercraft or boat. The challenge of getting to the island limits the number of visitors, giving you at least a semi-private island adventure. Be advised, though, that on some weekends or major holidays, the northern end can become crowded and loud. Bay Excursions is one of the few companies that offer charter boat services to Three Rooker Island, FL.

People love sailing to Three Rooker because of its Caribbean Blue water and white, soft sand. It’s a perfect location to stroll the shores, pick up shells, catch the sun, and relax. Don’t be surprised to see some dolphins, horseshoe crabs, and stingrays too! If you like fishing, cobia, sea trout, Spanish mackerel, and tarpon are popular!

This island is still part of the Anclote Key Preserve State Park. It’s a nesting place for several bird species and sea turtles. At times, the park will rope off some areas to protect the nests and it’s important not to tread across them. This explains why pets are not allowed on the island. Clearly, the island has no facilities, but camping is allowed on the southern tip outside the restricted areas.

What Are You Waiting For?

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Boating to Three Rooker Island should be done with caution.

The Gulf of Mexico is shallow, especially in the harbors and along shorelines. It’s easier if you do charter boat rentals to Three Rooker Island, FL, with an experienced captain. They have boating GPS and know the exact coordinates where the island lies.

Three Rooker Island is one of the most beautiful locations you will find in the area, or perhaps even in the US. If you like remote locations, white sands, sunshine, and boating, charter a boat to Three Rooker Island, FL, now! Sail on a weekday to have the island to yourself, or at least, to share it only with your group and the thousands of resident nesting shorebirds! Just be sure to clean as you go and respect the island’s bird habitat.