7 Tips for a Memorable New Year Eve Boat Cruise

7 Tips for a Memorable New Year Eve Boat Cruise

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Do you want to start 2022 with a bang? A New Year Eve boat cruise is a great option to do that!

The past year has been challenging. You’ll want to welcome the New Year with a clear mind and a fresh start. You’ll also want to think about your New Year’s resolutions surrounded by beautiful shores and colorful firework displays. A New Year Eve boat cruise might just be the thing.

If you don’t have a boat of your own and you still dream of turning this magical night into reality, renting a boat might exactly be what you need. To add to your safety checklist and ensure that unexpected mishaps won’t spoil your memorable evening, here are seven helpful tips for a perfect New Year escapade.

Preparing for the Best New Year’s Eve Boat Cruise

Like you, many people plan to have a holiday boat rental with their friends and family. Once you get your feet off the coast, you will see how crowded it gradually gets as the clock strikes 12.

Follow these seven tips to stay safe and make the most of your New Year Eve boat party experience.

1. Dress right.

It is common for evenings in December to get chillier. Cold winds will be something you will need to overcome when celebrating the New Year in the water.

To lower the risk of hypothermia, wear warm, dry, and comfortable clothing secured with life jackets or any personal flotation device at hand. If you do not want to ruin your party outfit with multi-layered clothes, at least make sure to cover your skin with a shawl or a beach scarf.

2. Drink moderately.

If alcohol is part of the fun night on your holiday boat, limit your alcohol intake. Similarly, everyone on board should drink in moderation and be aware of safety hazards. Take note that there are still other ways to enjoy without indulging in too much alcohol.

3. Navigate with care.

Visibility and navigation are the real challenges on a boat, especially at night. It gets more intense during the New Year, with all the crowded beaches, smoke, fog, and loud groups of people.
For that reason, we encourage everyone to:

  • Minimize bright lighting while navigating the waters.
  • Always look around when you are on stand-by watching firework displays.
  • Make sure you haven’t drifted away into exclusion zones established by the U.S. Coast Guard before dropping the anchor.

4. Follow cargo limit recommendations.

You may be tempted to bring lots of things to your cruise. However, your boat can lose its stability if the weight it carries exceeds its design capacity. So follow the recommended loading parameters and passenger limit.

5. Don’t play with fire.

While fireworks displays are magnificent and entertaining, they can be a safety hazard. Parking your holiday boat under pyrotechnic devices may shower you with falling debris from the fireworks.

Here are some safety tips to avoid fire hazards:

  • Keep a working fire extinguisher on the boat. Remind everyone aboard where it is and teach them how to use it.
  • Leave all fire hazards, including fireworks or sparklers, in your car. Only light them in a clear, open area away from the sea.
  • Keep flares inside the safety box if you do not want to be penalized for a false call. They are not for display; they are for emergencies.

6. Bring medication.

Anticipate the inevitable call of nature and seasickness when on the boat for too long. The likelihood of motion sickness is higher at night when there are fewer visual signals.

If you tend to get seasick on a boat, take medicine beforehand and avoid drinking too much. Familiarize yourself with the facilities and know where to go on short notice.

7. Plan the trip.

Your New Year Eve boat cruise should be memorable. Give yourself time to enjoy the night and witness the stunning views.

Once your holiday boat rental party has come to a close, it is always best not to be in a rush. Let the traffic dissipate before you prepare to leave.

Plan Your New Year Eve Boat Party With Bay Excursions

Welcome the New Year with a unique, refreshing experience near the Gulf of Mexico and experience Florida’s local nightlife in full bloom.

Let Bay Excursions complete your New Year’s Eve with our holiday boat rental packages. From $229 to $799, you can have an enjoyable time on a boat with gear and amenities, including a real-time safety GPS tracker, Bluetooth stereo, ice cooler, and satellite chart plotter.

We will also let you cruise the waters with our trained boat captain, ready to keep you safe at all times. Call us now and book the best boat tours in Clearwater Beach, FL.

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