Private Boat Charter in Madeira Beach, Florida

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the vast crystalline ocean when you climb aboard our Madeira Beach private boat charters.

Madeira Beach has been attracting sun and sea lovers from all over the world. From restaurants to shopping centers to cultural establishments, it is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy all the things Florida has to offer.

A short distance from the town’s commercial boardwalk will take you back to the pristine beauty of the beach. Be experimental with the waves and try new waterborne activities.  

Madeira Beach shelters diverse flora and fauna. Feel the serenity of being close to Florida’s majestic birds and marine life as you tour around with our private boat charter Madeira Beach.

There’s truly no better way to lose yourself in the salty, sweet smell of the beach and the cool breeze than to hop on an exciting private boat charter Madeira Beach. Bay Excursions provides the best private chartered boats of all types and sizes to complete your nature escapade.

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Madeira Beach Private Boat Charters

Madeira Beach is a popular destination people visit to indulge in a variety of water activities for a bit of fun in the sun. With its 2.5-mile-long beach of white, fine sand, you’ll always find something worthwhile to do.

There’s so much more to the Atlantic coastline than tanning or taking catnaps. It is a vast aquatic playground where you can go snorkeling, surfing, paddleboarding, fishing, cruising, and more.

Here are some vacation highlights you’ll have a chance to experience when you try our private boat charter Madeira Beach: 

Bond With Marine Life

Spending the day sunbathing on the white sands of Madeira Beach surrounded by nature’s bounty is lovely and all, but there’s an even better way to de-stress. When you go on a private boat charter Madeira Beach, you might even get to witness majestic sea creatures, like dolphins and manatees, up-close! You might even spot birds of different species soaring overhead.

Our professional boat captains who come with our private boat charters, Madeira Beach, can also add a bit of fun. Your boat captain can take you to the best places to have a chance encounter with bottlenose dolphins. These intelligent and charming creatures love pleasing the crowd, and they’re more likely to cruise the waves with you.

Lay Eyes on Picturesque Sights

Blue sky, a chain of hills, sparkling water, and sandy bays—Madeira Beach has all the ingredients to complete a perfect photo you would want to snap away. So after your journey full of adventures, wander around with your digital camera and capture the best memories to take home after your trip.

Madeira Beach is breathtakingly gorgeous; there’s no doubt about that. Add Bay Excursions’ private boat charters Madeira Beach to the mix, and you can take in the beauty of its golden sunsets from a different and more personal perspective. It’s the perfect way to end the day.

Explore Neighboring Islands

You’ll only find the hidden gems of Florida when you go all out and boat across the Gulf of Mexico. With lovely staff guiding you on your private boat charter Madeira Beach, FL, you can enjoy the best locations to visit nearby.

Explore popular tourist attractions such as:

  • John’s Pass
  • Fort De Soto Park
  • Caladesi Island State Park
  • Boca Ciega Bay
  • Honeymoon Island
  • Three Rooker Island

Each destination has something unique to offer. Go on a tour aboard our private boat charter Madeira Beach, and make the most of your vacation.

Why Choose Bay Excursions' Madeira Beach Private Boat Charter

It’s always summertime somewhere, and even if it’s not, there are always compelling reasons to hit the beach. Bay Excursions is here to make your relaxing getaway more fun and exciting.

Here’s what you can get from Bay Excursions’ private boat charter in Madeira Beach:

1. Safety and Convenience

Bay Excursions offers safe and reliable Madeira Beach private boat charters. Our team conducts routine maintenance and inspections to ensure that all our bowriders are in good working condition and equipped with the necessary safety gear.

Before leaving the dock, our staff briefs everyone about important boating guidelines and practices. We teach our clients how to use life vests properly and show them where to find emergency equipment and first-aid kits.

Each vessel comes with a Bluetooth stereo, a large cooler, and a porta-potty for your convenience. We also have a GPS device installed on the boat so we can track your location and reach you quickly in case of an emergency.

2. Fun and Educational Adventure

Make your vacation enriching and meaningful with an education-filled expedition. With our Madeira Beach private boat charter, not only will you be blessed by the scenic views, but you’ll also gain a newfound appreciation of the sea.

Our friendly crew will be more than happy to tell you stories as you coast along the ocean. Be familiar with the life along the ocean, the history behind the area, and the wildlife inhabiting the tropical landscape of Madeira Beach.

A private boat charter Madeira Beach is also a way to enhance children’s wild imaginations. As they play and meet aquatic creatures face to face, you’ll be surprised to hear and see the creative stories they can craft with their imagination inspired by the sea.

3. Incredible Journey Like No Other

There’s no better way to appreciate the beauty of the ocean than going on a Madeira Beach private boat charter. Bay Excursions makes sure to take your simple vacation to the next level. Whether it’s for a special celebration or a spontaneous beach getaway, we offer the best services you can ever dream of.

Our trained boat captain will take you on the oceanic expedition of your lifetime. Sit and relax, knowing that you’re guided by a professional. With Bay Excursions, you can experience ultimate fun without the hassle.

Our Private Boat Charters in Madeira Beach

If you’re looking for unique ways to unwind, chartering Bay Excursions’ 24-foot-long Hurricane 237 bowriders to explore all of Madeira Beach is something you shouldn’t miss.

Bay Excursions rental rates depend on the duration of your private boat charter Madeira Beach, FL. You can choose from our various packages such as:

  • $359 for two hours
  • $599 for four hours
  • $779 for six hours
  • $959 for eight hours
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