Private Boat Charter in Boca Ciega Bay, FL

In recent years, private boat charters have become a top option for vacations.

Not only do they provide a private experience for you and your loved ones, they also give you the opportunity to visit several locations on one trip.

Being on a cruise ship has its downsides, including, but not limited to, having to wait in line for everything you want to do and constantly being surrounded by crowds of people. If you want a cruise ship experience without all the hassle, our private boat charter in Boca Ciega Bay, FL, is for you.

Boca Ciega Bay is known for its deep blue water and aromatic tropical breeze, making it a top vacation destination. The next-door City of Gulfport is also filled with life and tourist hotspots, such as museums, restaurants, and art galleries.

When you charter a private boat in Boca Ciega Bay, FL, it won’t burn holes through your pockets, so you can rest easy with your friends and family at your side. Here are some of the other reasons you should consider renting with us.

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BE Private Boat Tours in Boca Ciego Bay FL

Itinerary Control

Our private boats allow you to create your own flexible itinerary based on your preferences. You can choose what to do and where to go. There’s also the option to ask for our advice when creating your schedule, so we can help you create a personalized game plan.

Regardless of what activities you would want to try or how many stops you plan to make, your trip is in your hands. Our private charter boat rental in Boca Ciega Bay, FL, will  allow you to prioritize whatever you want and what you can enjoy on the trip.


We ensure that we maintain our chartered private boats with a level of cleanliness that meets our clients’ standards at all times. Our staff is trained to leave every surface spotless and good as new.

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Fewer People

On our private boat tours in Boca Ciega Bay, FL, you can enjoy the whole trip privately. With fewer people, you can avoid constant lines for what you want to do, excessive noise, and having to go elbow to elbow with everybody on board. Imagine having a blast on a private boat with only your family and friends with you. You can even maximize your stay, and think of all the activities you can do on the boat. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for the best private boat tours in Boca Ciega Bay, FL, Bay Excursions is here to bring you the luxury, comfort, and adventure you’ve always wanted.

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