Private Boat Charter at Fort De Soto Park, FL

Calling Fort de Soto Park a beach is an understatement.

It’s gained countless praise from different magazines and news media outlets, being labelled as a family-friendly haven.

Being a county park that belongs to Tierra Verde’s boating community, it covers a total of five islands and 1,136 acres on the Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. This makes it the #1 choice for boating adventures, especially with Bay Excursions’ private charter boat rental at Fort De Soto Park, FL.

BE Best Private Boat Charter in Fort De Soto Park, FL
BE Relax on a private boat charter in fort de soto park FL

De-Stress on a Boat in the Warm, Tranquil Waters of Fort De Soto Park

Having to deal with stressful situations everyday calls for a retreat to relax and rejuvenate. What better way to lose yourself than by chartering a private boat? Picture a warm day out on the blue seas with a cool cocktail in hand — it’s perfection.

Spend Your Day With Loved Ones

When you charter a private boat at Fort De Soto Park, FL, Bay Excursions can provide you with well-maintained 24-foot Hurricane 237 Bowrider vessels. You won’t have to worry about a thing, and you have the whole day to catch up  and bond with people you love, all while taking in the beauty of Fort De Soto Park. You can also choose to get up-close and personal with the sea creatures in the water.

Control Your Itinerary

If you don’t want to follow an itinerary and are looking for spontaneity, you can abandon rigid structure and visit various parts of the beach any time you want. There is no need to hurry because you won’t be sharing the private boat charter with other guests as you explore Fort De Soto Park, FL.

Manage Your Time

Apart from your freedom in choosing where to go, you’ll also be in complete control of your time. You can spend as much time as you want ashore or choose to spend all of it in the middle of the sea, feeling the cool breeze and waves flow against the side of your boat.

Book With Us Today

Getting away from all the stress and anxieties of everyday life is necessary every once and a while to maintain good mental health — even if it’s only a day or two. Bay Excursions can accommodate you, your family, and your friends. Private boat tours at Fort De Soto Park, FL, don’t have to be expensive. With our rental pricing and package inclusions, you can be guaranteed to have an unforgettable and well-spent retreat. Give us a call, or visit our website to reserve your boat today.

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