Caladesi Island State Park, FL, Boat Tour

Whether you are celebrating or craving a fresh breath of air, a Caladesi Island State Park, FL, boat tour is worth every second.

Caladesi Island State Park has one of the best coasts worldwide and wouldn’t have been named as America’s best beach in 2008 for nothing. Its unspoiled beach is famed for its natural beauty, with soft white sand and unblemished shorelines serving as a pleasing reminder of nature’s true beauty.

Located north of the famous Clearwater Beach, west of Dunedin, and off Florida’s Gulf Coast, this mesmerizing island is a silent sanctuary for many. Being uninhabited, the island brings you closer to nature. Open your eyes and ears, and you can take in the chirping shorebirds, watch gopher tortoises, and feel the breeze of gentle waves as they crash on the shore.

Everything you and your family need to relax is right here at your fingertips.

A family boat ride to Caladesi Island State Park, FL, enables you to go seashell hunting, kayaking, fishing, swimming, or even hiking along the nature trail. There is a small café, a gift shop, and several restrooms around. You and your kids can roam, play, and enjoy a picnic under the sun!

Caladesi Island is only accessible by private boat or ferry. The pristine island is said to be Florida’s best-kept-secret because it requires insider knowledge and effort to get there — but with Bay Excursions’ private boat tour, you can sail to Caladesi Island State Park, FL, without the extra hoops.

BE Boat Tours in Caladesi Island State Park

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Here’s why you should book your private boat ride to Caladesi Island State Park, FL, with us:

1. Family-Friendly Vessel

We offer bowrider boats with open space perfect for six people. No matter your reason for heading to Caladesi Island State Park, we’ll make it possible.

Our boats include basic amenities, such as a portable toilet, a Bimini top, a large cooler, and a Bluetooth stereo.

2. Affordable Rates

Whether you only need to spend two or four hours aboard your rented Caladesi Island State Park FL, tour boat, Bay Excursions has packages for every budget. We offer 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-hour rental packages that give you what you pay for.
BE Vessel on Beach in Caladesi Island State Park
BE Beach in Caladesi Island State Park FL

3. Guaranteed Safety

We firmly believe that safety comes before leisure. Our team closely monitors the weather, pays attention to safety hazards, and never risks a Caladesi Island State Park FL, boat ride if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Our bowrider boats are made from high-quality materials and equipped with a real-time safety GPS tracker and life vests for every passenger.

The paradisaical beauty of Caladesi Island State Park is worth every cent, especially when you book with us.

If you need a safe ride to get you to Florida’s private haven, Bay Excursions offers the best private boat tours to Caladesi Island State Park, FL. Make your reservation online, or call us at (727) 595-0000 today!