Madeira Beach Boat Tours

Experience a slice of paradise at Madeira Beach when you catch our Madeira Beach boat tour.

Witness the beauty of Madeira Beach from a different perspective. Our boat tours in Madeira Beach, FL, are guaranteed to be a knockout. This beach city has something for everyone — couples, families, and youngsters alike.

Find the entertainment, relaxation, serenity, and excitement you have been looking for all in one package. The unrivaled beauty of this two-mile stretch of white sand makes it irresistible to many. Mad Beach, as the locals call it,  is a hub where tourists flock to experience John’s Pass Village and the famous Boardwalk.  

Bay Excursions offers soul-stirring and exciting boat tours in Madeira Beach. We provide locals and tourists alike with unforgettable aquatic adventures. If you want to unwind on the water in a tropical paradise, check out Bay Excursions.

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Fun-Filled Boat Tours in Madeira Beach, FL

This gulf-side getaway is something out of a fairy tale book — from its unspoiled and spectacular waters and picturesque sights to its seemingly endless expanse of white sand.

Let Bay Excursions bring you closer to the sea. We’ll make sure you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime boating experience with us. Our bowrider boats are always ready to accommodate you and your loved ones and provide an excellent cruising option.

There are potentially many things to tick off on your Madeira Beach vacation checklist. Here’s why boat tours in Madeira Beach should be one of them:

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Witness the Rich Wildlife Surrounding Mad Beach

The waters off Madeira Beach provide shelter for the large-mouthed Grouper, a renowned deep seawater fish, and is called in aquatic circles the Grouper Capital of the world.  Aside from groupers, you can also find fantastic sea turtles and other unique marine life.

While aboard our boat tours in Madeira Beach, you might also have a rare encounter with bottlenose dolphins, which often join in on the fun and swim alongside you. Manatees, or the “gentle giants” of the sea, are also among the many amazing animals you can snap a picture of here.

The clear blue skies also have something to show off. Behold the majestic glossy ibis, frigate birds, eagles, great blue herons, white ibis, egrets, ospreys, and brown pelicans.

Take a Walk, Explore, and Swim

Madeira Beach has something to offer for every type of adventurer. Its slogan, “Two Miles Long and a Smile Wide,” says it all.

It is, after all, impossible to leave paradise with a frown. With a wide variety of things to do, boredom is out of the question.

John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk hosts a diversity of small business establishments, restaurants, and stores. You’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love!

The pristine waters and waves make Madeira Beach the perfect spot for different recreational water activities such as fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, island-hopping, and kayaking. Take your boat tours in Madeira Beach, to new heights with these fun and extreme activities.

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Relax and Relieve That Stress

City life can be overwhelming and overtaxing. Sometimes, the only medicine you need is a refreshing sea breeze and a peaceful quiet time for yourself. Cruising across the vast aquamarine ocean is undoubtedly the best way to relax and unwind.

Nothing beats the peaceful feeling of being gently rocked by the waves as you take in one of our boat tours in Madeira Beach. As day turns into night, gaze in awe at the splendid hues of orange decorating the sky and watch the magnificent firey sun slowly descend into the crystalline ocean. There is no better way to end a perfect day in a tropical paradise.

Why Choose Bay Excursions' Boat Tours in Madeira Beach, FL

Madeira Beach has all the things that make for a perfect beach getaway – stunning views, fascinating aquatic creatures, and white sandy beaches. What better way to appreciate the pristine beauty of this intra-coastal town than by going on a scenic boat tour? 

You’ll be guided by licensed and experienced boat captains ready to meet your excursion needs with every turn.

If you’re in the hunt for a unique way to enjoy your vacation, here are the reasons you should choose our Madeira Beach boat tours:

1. Well-Maintained Charter Boats

Bay Excursions puts you and your family’s safety first. We perform routine maintenance on our boats to ensure that they are in good working condition before going out onto the waters of Madeira Beach.

One bad incident can spoil your holiday, so to minimize the chances of mishaps occurring, Madeira Beach boat tours ensure that all crew complete extensive training and can deal with any mishaps that may crop up. Real-time GPS tracking devices on all our vessels ensure that we can immediately respond to any emergency.

Confidently head out to the sea, knowing your safety is in good hands. Our chartered boats come complete with safety devices like life vests, emergency equipment, and first-aid kits.

2. Exceptional Sea Trips

There are a lot of fun activities to do when you visit Madeira Beach, and Bay Excursions is here to help you enjoy them all. Whether it’s a long term booking or a spur of the moment trip, we can help you get the most out of your boating expedition.

You can quickly plan your Madeira Beach boat tour with our captain when onboard. Together, you can design an itinerary that includes visiting the best spots for bird watching or catching sight of magnificent bottlenose dolphins. Your captain can also take you on a fun island hopping discovery trip.

One benefit of having an experienced captain with you don’t have to worry about boating technicalities. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean as you cruise the Florida waters.

3. Experienced Crew

During your Madeira Beach boat tours, your guide will be a trained and experienced captain who will be more than happy to educate you about the diverse environment and exotic marine life. At Bay Excursions, we want you to have a fun learning experience and enjoy the stunning tropical scenery of Madeira Beach.

If anything interests you along the way, consider your captain a crewmate with whom you can quickly strike up a conversation. Ask any questions you want — you never know, you might learn something new and exciting to cherish and share with your loved ones. 

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Our Boat Tours in Madeira Beach, FL

Bay Excursions is one of the top providers of charter boats in Madeira Beach. We’ll make your aquatic experience unique and fun. Enjoy a day you’ll never forget in Madeira Beach with us.

Our bowrider boats are well-kept for smooth boat tours in Madeira Beach, FL. Our rental rates depend on the duration of the trip. Generally, our rates are:

Our rental packages include United States Coast Guard-approved boating equipment such as:

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Venture out into the ocean blue and experience the thrill of an exciting ocean boat tour.

Bay Excursions is here to give you the adventure of a lifetime. We offer rental boats of different types and sizes — to add that extra bit of surprise to your regular visit to Madeira Beach.

For more details on our packages, reach out to our friendly team. Book a reservation today! We’re excited to cruise the ocean with you.