Awesome Date Ideas for a Romantic Getaway on a Boat

Awesome Date Ideas for a Romantic Getaway on a Boat

A romantic boat ride might just be what you and your significant other need to unwind and spend some quality time together.

Thinking of celebrating your anniversary with your partner or how to level up your regular date night? Then you might want to consider these date ideas for a romantic getaway on a boat.

A date on a boat is unconventional and gives you and your partner the solitude you need away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Reasons to Go On a Romantic Boat Ride

If you’re contemplating whether a date on a boat is the way to go, here are reasons to get you on board:

1. Unique Celebration

Gone is the era of dinner dates in expensive restaurants. If you want to improve your game, consider renting a boat for a memorable boat ride date. Imagine you and your partner surrounded by calm waters. Perfect, right?

You and your date will indeed look forward to spending the time on a boat all to yourselves. So instead of making a reservation at your go-to restaurant, find a boat rental provider near you. Doing this will make the date planning even better.

2. Romantic Isolation

The busy and crowded restaurants don’t sit too well for couples, who prefer some quiet time together.

Shake things up a little bit and do something away from the crowd. A date night boat ride gives you the chance to enjoy every minute of isolation. Make it even more romantic as you watch the sunset and the night sky envelope the area.

3. Accessibility and Convenience

You don’t have to buy a boat to plan an unforgettable boat date. There are several rental establishments where you can choose from different rental packages available. With such accessibility, planning for your date is made easy.

If you’re lucky, you may even find a rental that comes with a seasoned boat captain. You’ll have more time to spend with your date while eating, drinking, talking, sightseeing, and taking photos.

Tips When Planning for a Boat Ride Date

If you’ve chosen the boat as your venue, then all you need is these boat date ideas and tips that are boat-appropriate. Make the best impression on your date with the following:

1. Flowers

Flowers will make your romantic boat date look more special. If you’re feeling a little extra romantic, ask if you can decorate the boat with flowers beforehand. You can either have your date’s favorite flowers delivered right before your rented boat leaves the dock.

2. Setting

The boat itself is a romantic venue. You’re away from the crowd, busy establishments, and a chaotic atmosphere. You can even customize the setup by adding decor like flower petals, candles, or scented oils. Sail the pristine waters and live in the moment.

3. Music

Set the mood with some music. You can download your favorite songs and connect your device to the boat’s stereo. This is one of the best date night boat ride ideas you can do. If the waters that day are calm, you can slow dance to your song.

Don’t limit yourself to romantic songs. Mix things up and download something lively, too. With the right music, no moment is ever dull.

4. Food

Of course, food is on the list. No boat date is complete without mouthwatering food. You have two options: cook your favorite meals and bring them with you or have food delivered right before your rental boat leaves the dock.

5. Selfies

Don’t forget the selfies! Commemorate the special day with photos of you and your loved one aboard the boat. Keep the memories of your romantic date alive for years to come.

Imagine the sea breeze blowing your hair as the sun makes everything look even more stunning. The photos you take are guaranteed to be Instagram-worthy.

6. Dress Code

A romantic date requires something special in terms of dress code. You can wear something special. You can either wear something of the same color or bust out clothing pieces that you’ll wear only on a romantic date getaway. Keep it glamorous but comfortable, so you can still have an enjoyable and comfortable time on the boat.

7. Desserts

When finalizing your date ideas, don’t forget the desserts. You can bring something you’ve prepared or have something waiting for you at the dock like chocolates and pastries or your significant other’s favorite dessert.

8. Gifts

If you want the day to be even more special, you can prepare gifts for your date. Imagine opening the gifts you got for one another as your favorite song plays in the background. It’s the perfect finale of a romantic boat getaway.

These are only a few date night ideas you can incorporate if you want a romantic getaway on a boat with your partner. One thing’s for sure: you’ll have the time of your life cruising and sailing the waters.

Plan Your Romantic Getaway With Bay Excursions

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The perfect venue for your romantic getaway is none other than one of our bowrider charter boats. With us, dating on the water becomes even more memorable. If you’re planning a date with your significant other, here are some rental details to get the ball rolling:

Rental Packages:

  • $299 for 2 hours
  • $499 for 4 hours
  • $649 for 6 hours
  • $799 for 8 hours

All of our rental packages come with a Garmin satellite chart plotter, life vests, porta-potty, Bluetooth stereo, cooler, and real-time safety GPS tracking. If you plan to celebrate this day with friends or family, we can accommodate you and five others.

Another bonus is that our rentals come with qualified and experienced boat captains.

Be in the moment as one of our boat captains traverses the magical waters of Madeira Beach. Book a boat now!

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