Health and Wellness Benefits of Boat Rides You Need To Know

Health and Wellness Benefits of Boat Rides You Need To Know

Going on a boat ride is one of the most common leisure activities — it is one of the best as well. It is a wonderful bonding experience for families and groups of friends. Aside from the fun, did you know that sailing benefits both your physical and mental health?

If you’ve been long planning to go on a boat ride but still aren’t able to do so, go ahead and type the phrase “boat rides near me” in the search bar. It’s time to feed your body and mind with a relaxing yet adventure-filled experience.

Physical Health Benefits of Boating

Here are some health benefits you can get from boating:

1. It develops muscle strength.

Boat rides involve some physical work that helps develop muscle strength. When riding some boats, you’ll need to pull and hoist sails, which, when regularly done, improves your shoulder muscles’ strength.

Pulling and hoisting don’t rely on shoulder muscles alone; they also depend on your core. For boats without a sail, towing ropes and fishing are some physical activities that improve muscle strength, specifically the hand muscles.

2. It improves cardiovascular health.

With the same physical activities previously mentioned, going on boat rides also improves cardiovascular health. Strenuous activities exercise the lungs, leading to an oxygen level increase in the body, which, in turn, improves cardiovascular health.

Another aspect that contributes to the improvement of cardiovascular health is inhaling fresh, unpolluted ocean air. When you often go boating, you decrease your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, like heart disease and hypertension.

Aside from the physical work benefits attainable during boat rides, merely spending time in nature also helps lower blood pressure levels.

3. It keeps the bones strong.

Boating early in the morning strengthens the bones. Exposure to sunlight promotes the production of Vitamin D in the body, which is essential to having strong bones and muscles.

Be sure to go on a boat ride in the morning since doing it at noon, when the heat is at its harshest, can cause skin cancer. Don’t forget to also bring a pair of sunglasses and a hat to avoid eye strain and headaches.

4. It improves the body’s balance and agility.

Pulling ropes and moving around improves agility and hand-eye coordination, allowing you to focus and work faster.

It isn’t easy to stay on your feet, especially when big waves crash into your boat. Standing for prolonged periods during boat trips strengthens your leg muscles, leading to improved balance, posture, and endurance — not to mention it also burns calories.

Mental Health Benefits of Boating

1. It improves concentration.

Being out on the open seas requires you to be alert and observe several factors, such as the waves and the weather, improving your concentration and focus.

If you’re a heavy multitasker, improving your concentration through boating can positively impact your life.

2. It reduces stress.

The mere sight and sound of splashing water reduces cortisol, the primary stress hormone, and increases serotonin (i.e., the happy hormone) in the body, subsequently boosting your immune system.

Lower stress levels also bring about a sense of calm and prevent premature aging, so consider going on boat rides for these great benefits.

3. It improves visual acuity and spatial awareness.

Like road driving, navigating the waters with a boat requires spatial awareness. This skill improves your understanding of your surroundings and can be applied to your social life, where spatial awareness helps you maintain personal space.

Boat rides in high-traffic areas also improve your visual acuity, upping your safety and quality of life.

4. It improves mental wellness.

Boating is a peaceful activity that provides privacy, isolation, and an escape from the stressful things in life.

Additionally, the sight of calm, blue waters alone is enough to refresh your mind; and breathing in the salt-kissed ocean breeze elevates mental wellbeing, according to studies. This is because the salt in the air helps the body absorb more oxygen, balancing serotonin levels.

Some studies also suggest that time spent in nature increases self-esteem, which is key to having stable mental health and wellbeing.

Important Reminders Before You Go Boating

Before you head out, be sure to have your safety equipment with you. One of your main reasons for boating is to enjoy the previously mentioned benefits, so staying safe is a must.

Here’s a list of everything you need to bring on your future boat trips:

  • Personal Flotation Devices
  • Cellphones or VHF Radios
  • Rope
  • Food or Energy Bars
  • Potable Water
  • Visual and Sound Signaling Devices

Book a Boat Ride Today

Boating is not just fun; it is also healthy.

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