Hosting A Holiday Party On A Private Boat Charter

Hosting A Holiday Party On A Private Boat Charter

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The festivities are just around the corner.

It’s that time of the year again where loved ones come together to catch up and celebrate. Planning for a party is always exciting. Consider holiday boat charters if you want to make this year’s holiday celebration one for the books. This is a fun party idea for every family member to experience something new before the year ends.

Are you warming up to the idea? Bay Excursions can provide private boat charter rentals for your party. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about hosting your first boat holiday party.

Benefits of Holiday Boat Rentals

If you’re the host for this year’s party, it’s time to show your loved ones how to do a proper celebration. With so many different party ideas and themes out there, it can be challenging to choose one. Luckily, private boat charters offer an avenue for something unique and exciting to impress your loved ones.

If you’re weighing your options, here are the benefits of private boat charters to help you decide:

1. Privacy

Rent a private boat charter if you’re leaning towards an intimate celebration. Having a boat all to yourself and your loved ones can give you the privacy you need. Celebrate the holidays on your own terms — without worries.

2. Luxury

With boat charters, feel luxurious without breaking the bank. There’s no need to spend much to experience the joy and unique experience of boating. Enjoy it with people close to you.

3. Five-star Services

When you opt for holiday boat rentals, you get professional services. You get your own boat captain so you can focus all your time on your family. Pack everything you need to bring; drink wine, eat delicious food, and converse with your loved ones as you travel through beautiful seascapes.

4. Less Stress

Avoid all the stress when you rent a private boat charter. The boat is your venue, and frankly, it will only need minimal decorations to feel festive. All your attention will be on the pristine blue waters, gentle waves, and the marine wildlife in the area.

5. No Mess

After your celebration on a holiday boat rental, you don’t have to deal with cleaning up. The crew will take care of any decorations you’ve put up. All you have to do is be in the moment. Return home, sleep soundly, and wake up to a clean house after celebrating the holiday outdoors.

6. Memorable Experience

There’s nothing more memorable than a holiday boat charter. It’s a celebration everyone will be talking about for years. Renting a private boat is an idea that will never get old.

3 Tips For A Safe Holiday Boat Charter Celebration

Of course, having fun is a top priority, but so is everyone’s safety. As the host, you have to make sure everyone is safe. Here are some safety measures to keep in mind:

1. Check the weather forecast.

Before you book your private boat charter, it is wise to check the weather forecast leading to the day of the event. The weather is unpredictable, and knowing what to expect will allow you to prepare better — and even reschedule the event.

2. Prepare a checklist.

Preparing a checklist guarantees you’ll never forget anything important. With boat charters, the packages may include a boat captain. So, all you have to worry about are the things you need for the celebration.

3. Have a first-aid kit on standby.

It’s better to be prepared for anything. A first-aid kit will come in handy if you or any of your guests get injured during the trip. It will help manage the situation while traveling back to the dock and calling for help.

4 Planning Tips For An Unforgettable Holiday Boat Party

Planning plays a major role in the success of your boat party. As the host, you have quite a lot on your plate. Here are some planning tips for a fun and successful celebration:

1. Set a budget.

This is the most crucial part of party planning. You want your guests to have a fun time without overspending. Avoid going over your budget by setting a strict budget for every aspect of the party — rent, food, and miscellaneous items.

2. Prepare a guest list.

When planning for a boat party, you need a guest list. Boats have a limited seating capacity, so it’s important that you invite the people you want to come and that they’re available that day to avoid wasting the slot allotted for them.

3. Send out invites in advance.

You don’t want to send an invite a week before the party; instead, send it months before the event. That way, your guests can block the schedule and prepare as well. Don’t forget to ask them about any food allergies and preferred beverages.

4. Choose the right holiday boat rentals.

The rentals you choose can make or break the entire experience for you. Choose a rental provider with years of experience, quality services, affordable rental packages, and accommodating staff. Experienced boat rental providers also guarantee that you and your guests are safe during the entire boat trip.

Have the Best Holiday Party with Bay Excursions!

Bay Excursions offers one of the best private boat tours in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Experience a one-of-a-kind celebration in our private boat charters. Choose from our affordable 2-,4-6,-8-hour rental packages and climb aboard our bowrider charter boats with your loved ones.
Our rental packages include:

  • Life Vests
  • Large Cooler
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Stereo with Bluetooth
  • Garmin GPS Navigator

We care about your safety; aside from our real-time GPS tracking, you’ll have a seasoned boat captain with you. Our boat captains are knowledgeable about the area. They’re also more than happy to get you close to any wildlife so you can get the chance to snap a photo. Book with us for the holidays!

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