Tips on Tipping Your Boat Captain - What You Should Know

Tips on Tipping Your Boat Captain: What You Should Know

If this is your first time renting a boat with a boat captain, you might have questions about whether you should give him/her a tip aside from the rental fee itself.

Boat captains will save you from the hassle of maneuvering the boat on your own for you to enjoy not only the boat ride but also experience nature on a whole new level. Because some boat captains go out of their way to deliver excellent service, knowing the tips on tipping your boat captain can help you acknowledge the service rendered. Find out how much to tip boat captain and why you shouldn’t forget to do it.

Tipping Guidelines: Should You Tip Your Boat Captain?

Boating is one of the ways to celebrate, unwind, and chill. Like many people, you might want to spend all of your free time enjoying the view and the company of your family and friends. This is where a boat captain’s role comes in. Your boat captain makes your ride a breeze and truly memorable. If you don’t know how much to tip charter boat captain and why you should do it, this is for you.

Tipping a boat captain is equivalent to tipping a waiter at a restaurant. Your boat captain exerted effort to guarantee that you and your guests get the most out of your boat ride. Giving a tip is one way to say thank you for exemplary service during an entire boat trip.

Not knowing the tipping guidelines is all right, especially if it’s your first time. Also, there is no rule cast in stone about it. Giving a tip after a rental leaves a good impression on the boat captain. If you plan to rent a boat more often, the boat captain may remember you and give you a special tour for next time.

Boat Captains on the Job: What Are Their Duties?

Boat captains, in general, are in charge of the boat. They’re also responsible for the safety of everyone on board. By knowing how much to tip boat captain, you recognize the service delivered, which helps your boat captain feel good about driving you around the waters.

As the captain, it’s his/her job to check everything prior to, during, and after the boat trip — from the condition of the boat to weather reports for the safety of the guests.

Boat captains also know proper first aid training if anything happens on board. They will also bring you to safety if water conditions become unfavorable. Of course, one of the many priorities of a boat captain is your enjoyment.

Not only will they bring you closer to the wildlife in an area, but they will also share the rich history of the places surrounding the waters. Boat captains guarantee that everything is smooth-sailing from beginning to end. With their responsibilities, it’s relatively fair enough to say that boat captains deserve every penny you’ll tip them.

What Are the Basic Tipping Etiquette to Keep In Mind?

Giving a tip isn’t an obligation. There is no hard-and-fast rule about tips on tipping your boat captain. As mentioned, it’s one way to show appreciation for the service delivered in monetary form. Even if it’s your first time renting a boat, you’ll have a “feel” whether the service is lousy or pleasant.

1. Get a general idea of the tipping customs in the area.

What percent are you supposed to tip? It depends on where you are. Every location has different tipping customs. But no matter where you are in the world, giving a tip wouldn’t hurt. The usual amount of tip is between 5% to 20% of the rental cost. It will also depend on the quality of the service delivered.

2. Ask the boat captain.

If you’re unsure, one of the unwritten rules in the tipping guidelines is to ask the boat captain. Although it is an awkward conversation topic, discussing it with the captain will save you from guessing how much to tip charter boat captain.

3. Give the tip to the boat captain.

If there is a crew or two along with the captain, the captain will be the one to split the tip with them. So, there’s no need to worry about what percent are you supposed to tip the crew.

4. Wait until the end of the trip.

The entirety of the trip will give you an idea of how much to tip boat captain. If the quality of service exceeds your expectations, you’ll be more than happy to give more than the standard tipping rate. Waiting until the end of the rental will give you time to tailor the amount based on their service.

5. Recognize their service.

Aside from knowing what percent are you supposed to tip, you should also recognize signs of great service. If a boat captain goes above and beyond, putting in a good word for them — either online or to the rental establishment’s owner — will be beneficial for them.

Some boat captains will even go to the extent of steering away from their day-to-day route to bring you to spots where birds, fish, and dolphins live. Others will bring you close enough to capture photos.

Rent a Boat at Bay Excursions

With these helpful tips on tipping your boat captain, you’re one step closer to renting a boat.

Now that you know how much to tip charter boat captain and the things to consider when giving tips, have confidence knowing you’re reciprocating the boat captain’s efforts. The only thing left to do is to call Bay Excursions for a boat tour in Madeira Beach, FL.

Here are some details:

Rental Packages:

  • 2-hour: $299
  • 4-hour: $499
  • 6-hour: $649
  • 8-hour: $799

Rental Inclusions:

  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • Life Vests
  • Ice Cooler
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Garmin Satellite Chart Plotter

With us, get the relaxation you deserve! All of our rental packages come with a skilled and experienced boat captain. You and five other guests are sure to have a safe and enjoyable time. We can’t wait to have you with us on board.

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