What You Need To Know About Planning a Bachelorette Boat Party

What You Need To Know About Planning a Bachelorette Boat Party

There’s one particular event before the big wedding day to celebrate with the bride: a bachelorette party.

From traditional stay-at-home dinners to sleepover events, bachelorette parties have evolved into a getaway celebrating one last night of unbridled tomfoolery. When planning yours, there’s no better way to spend an unforgettable bachelorette boat party than on a bowrider boat in the middle of the sea.

Not sure how? No worries! In this simple guide, we’ve shared some exciting bachelorette party-on-a-boat ideas that anyone can do, no matter how much was spent on the wedding.

Step 1: Consult the Bride

The first step to planning, before anything else, involves a sit-down conversation with the bride.

Ask about what she prefers and how she envisions her bachelorette boat party. From there, reserve the accommodations and boat rental location. Part of the planning process involves establishing a budget to help you plan accordingly and maximize set limits.

It’s essential not to disappoint the bride. Although you may have your own ideas as the party-planner, prioritize her wants so you can throw her the best seaside bachelorette party. After all, it’s her special day, not yours. Knowing her preferences will save you from the potential “bride-zilla” aftermath and ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

Step 2: Select a Theme

After finalizing the location and budget, you have to choose a theme for your bachelorette boat party. Since you’ll be out on the water with your besties, you can narrow down your options to boat- or water-related themes for total immersion and wet-and-wild fun.

You can also ask the bride for any personal requests and ideas for the theme.

The theme dictates everything — food, drinks, costumes, swimwear, music, and games — so be creative. Not many people would celebrate a life-changing event with a medium-sized matcha frappe.

Step 3: Coordinate With the Guests

Everyone has a role in a bachelorette party, and, as the party planner, you have to communicate with everyone involved to ensure everything is covered and planned for. The rest of your squad can cover scheduling the rental and bringing bathing suits, drinks, and other essentials.

Make sure to set expectations. If they are expected to bring gifts for the bride or host the bachelorette party games, make sure to let them know beforehand. Setting onboard limits is also mandatory.

Step 4: Plan Party Activities

When it comes to bachelorette parties, there are a plethora of fun activities and games you can arrange — but first, you need a schedule. Some necessary information to include is the events and minutes allocated for each, including time spent on the water.

Being out on the ocean offers a different set of bachelorette boat party activities that you and your friends can enjoy. Among these are snorkeling, swimming, diving, and fishing. Since every boat rental is different, consider checking with the charter first regarding what you can and can’t do onboard.

Step 5: Prepare Refreshments

A good bachelorette boat party isn’t complete without a mouth-watering array of food and drinks on board. Depending on how long you plan to stay on the bowrider, consider what you’ll serve your guests.

A cocktail hour is great for a short ride; however, cooked meals are better suited for whole-day ventures. Don’t forget to ask the rental as well if they have any restrictions.

A good way to personalize the event for the bride-to-be is by hiring a bartender to create a signature cocktail pre-made with her favorite mixed drink just for her. An alternative is bringing your own preferred drinks and storing them in a cooler.

Step 6: Rent the Best Boat

Choosing the best boat charter in the area is crucial to your bachelorette boat party’s success. To make your party goals a reality, hire the best boat rental to accommodate your party needs.

Boat charters range from river cruises, to captained vessels, to luxurious yachts. Considering how many people are attending your party and your budget, do your research on which boat in your local area provides the best experience.

A special event like a bachelorette party is an excellent opportunity to spend a day on a boat. To help you work out the kinks, chartering a boat with a captain is the best way to go.

With a personal chauffeur to take you to beautiful destinations, you and your gals can focus on having a fun time under the sun. By adding some drinks, food, and bachelorette party games and entertainment, you’ll have a weekend like no other.

Time To Set Sail Before the Big Day!

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