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Why Should You Go On a Boating Trip?

There are several reasons to go on a boating trip.

Kayak, paddleboard, and boat rentals are always around the corner when you’re at the beach, so you’ll never run out of activities to do. If you’ve rented kayaks and paddleboards before, it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Apart from the crystalline waters and the gentle sea breeze, there is a plethora of new experiences waiting for you aboard any of Florida’s hirable just-for-fun boat rentals. Here are a few reasons to go boating this summer:

1. Boating is a great family vacation tradition.

Boating is an activity guaranteed to bring people closer, and it’s a great way to pry kids off their screens. Having the young ‘uns helping around the boat will encourage teamwork and build camaraderie.

2. Boating will rejuvenate and relax.

Research shows that being near a body of water calms a person and inspires joy. Have you been having a hard time? Take a breather, and go boating. Whether it’s alone or with the company of your closest confidantes, you can cruise through Cloud 9 and never want to leave the ocean’s presence again.

3. Boating will keep your finances afloat.

Is your budget stopping you from renting a boat? Don’t let it. All that matters is choosing the right rental to fit your financial limits. Numerous affordable options are scattered across the glorious coasts of Florida. You just have to find the right one for you. Once you do, contact the operator, and make a reservation. The owner will take care of the rest.

Activities You Can Do on a Boat

When you go on a boat trip, you can swim around in calm, clear waters, and soak in the sun’s golden rays. There are also several activities anyone can enjoy in the water or on the boat:

1. Listen to Music.

Ask the boat operator if their rentals have built-in speakers as newer boat models are equipped with speakers. If the boat has speakers, you can come up with a mini-party. Children and adults alike love to groove to good music. You won’t have to worry about noise complaints either; out on the open water, you can blast your music as loud as you want. The fish won’t mind.

2. Bring Water Toys.

This can be fun for both kids and adults. When everyone is finished swimming, continue the fun by bringing water toys. If you have the equipment for tubing, water skiing, kneeboarding, and wakeboarding, don’t hesitate to get them aboard. Ask the boat operator if they offer rentals for other activities, too.

3. Play Treasure Hunting.

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned game like treasure hunting. Consider the size of the vessel and the ages of people on board when planning. Provide a list of items to all participants, and whoever finds everything first wins a prize.

4. Plan a Pirate Day.

When renting a boat, double the fun by coming up with a theme. Since you’ll be on the beach, the pirate theme is perfect. You and your guests can dress up as pirates. You can also come up with minigames and prepare pirate-themed finger foods or dishes.

5. Picnic on the Water.

A boat rental is a perfect opportunity for a picnic. Bring home-cooked meals or take-out. It’ll be a fun way to celebrate or catch up with your loved ones over scrumptious food and thirst-quenching drinks in the middle of the sea.

6. Go Sightseeing.

Besides the endless expanse of sapphire blue water, you might even spot dolphins and manatees swimming along with you. Snap photos of the beautiful sunset, or catch a new family photo you can hang in the living room.

Tips for Your Boating Trip

    1. Plan ahead. It is essential to prepare a checklist of the things you need to do and bring.
    2. Don’t forget the sunscreen. A few hours under the sun can cause painful sunburns. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen every few hours.
    3. Keep the headcount in mind. Follow the maximum allowable limit of people aboard the ship.
    4. Always wear the PFDs. Rentals come with inclusions, such as whistles and personal flotation devices. Wear them at all times, even if you know how to swim.
    5. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you want to know more about the area or boating in general, ask the boat operator. They’ll be more than willing to give you tips on how you can make the best of your boating experience.
    6. Relax. Remember why you rented a boat in the first place. Breathe in the fresh salt-soaked air, and take in the picturesque views.

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